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Mazina® lay-flat paper

VBG Media Mazina Layflat presentation

VBG Media Mazina Layflat presentation

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About VBG Media

At VBG Media, our team is passionate about the success of our customers. We have the expertise, products and support to bring value to your business to help you reach your goals and achieve consistently profitable growth.


The specialist Lay-flat print media branded Mazina, offers a high value proposition to Photo Book producers, Professional Labs and Commercial Printers, to allow the production of stunning Lay-Flat books without the need for specialist finishing equipment.


Our products are HP Indigo and Kodak NexPress certified and are designed to run well on other major production print engines.

Mazina uses FlexBind® technology which is a process that integrates a flexible hinge into the high quality print and photo substrates.


  • Mazina is the worlds simplest solution to produce press-printed lay-flat.

  • Mazina is available in various weights, finishes and textures.

  • Mazina sheets do not require additional equipment and can be used with most binding processes.

  • Most economical Lay-flat solution.




  • Quality heavy-weight digital papers.

  • Imprintable, laminated, heat resistant hinge.

  • Full bleed printing and trimming.

  • Lay-flat book, print spreads across the gutter.

  • Laminated hinge adds no thickness.

  • Fill printer feed drawers - no stack bias.




  • Mazina is available in versatile standard sheet sizes.

320 x 457mm
457 x 320mm
330 x 330mm
Close up view of the FlexBind® hinge
  • Flexbind technology can be integrated into your own custom papers - contact us for details.

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Our Customers

Photo Book Producers


Mazina® paper allows the consumer Photo Book producer the opportunity of offering stunning Lay-flat books.


  • Simple to use

  • No investment in additional equipment

  • Differentiate from your competitors

  • One sheet two-sided printing

  • Higher profit margins

Commercial Printers


Mazina® paper allows the commercial printer the opportunity of offering stunning presentations, proposals, and portfolios.


Offer customers something new.


  • Lay-Flat Books

  • Architect pitch books

  • High value real estate books

  • Jewellery portfolios

  • Auction guides

  • Art books




Professional Photo Lab


Mazina® paper allows the Professional Photo Lab the opportunity of offering stunning press-printed albums and

photo books.


Offer customers something new.


  • Economical Lay-flat albums

  • Differentiate from your competitors

  • One sheet two-sided printing

  • Use traditional binding methods

  • High profit margins




Contact us


Mazina® lay-flat photo pages are made with pH neutral, archival-quality papers and rigorously quality tested to ensure your album lasts a lifetime. Our premium papers are manufactured in the United States and Europe under strict quality standards, and many are also FSC® certified. 


Our products are Indigo and NexPress certified and are designed to run well on other major print engines.


With the best papers and materials, and careful craftsmanship, Mazina photo pages will keep your memories vibrant and beautiful for a lifetime.


VBG Media Limited

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Salts Mill Road


West Yorkshire

BD17 7TD

United Kingdom


+44 (0) 84 56 43 79 10 



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Mazina papers are available Worldwide through local distribution centres.

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